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  • Ember Real Results Online Learning Platform (Errol Owl) is an easy and accessible way to ensure that knowledge is retained within your organisation.

  • With 70-80% of learning being forgotten within 2 weeks, Errol will provide you with the means to ensure that this knowledge is retained and increase the effectiveness of your learning solutions.


  • Errol on your mobile

  • Now you can keep your learning on track wherever you go! It's easy, just download the app from Google Play or Apple store and you will be ready to log in and answer your daily quiz!

Features for you

Easy to use

It is accessible across all browsers and on Android and IOS devices via the Errol app. After login, Errol Owl will serve the questions for you to answer.

Flexible and fun

Firmly embeds the knowledge in a fun and efficient way. It provides regular quiz style questions to learners to see what learning they retained and remind them of essential points.

Detects knowledge gaps

Struggle getting meaningful insights? Errol has an extensive reporting dashboard allowing you to easily spot knowledge gaps and areas of development.

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